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Great Lakes Pilot
P. O. Box 339
Grand Marais, MI 49839
Phone: 906-494-2391



Rick Capogrossa (Click to email Rick) Co-Editor, Storyteller, Ad Sales, Photographer, Distribution, Map Ad Sales & Map Organizer
Mary Capogrossa (Click to email Mary) Co-Editor, Type Setting, Layout, Billing & Subscriptions
Ashleigh Capogrossa Ad Sales and Graphic Arts
Candace Capogrossa-Prill Type Setting
Jan Carol Ogden Proof Reader,  Art Work
Brian Carter Art Work


 Rick Capogrossa - Yooper Yuppie Wannabe
Carol Lalonde Hamp
Kathy Covert-Warnes
Stan J Woodard
Genot "Winter Elk" Picor
David Walks-As-Bear
Paul Petosky - Postmarks of the Past
Candace Capogrossa-Prill
Posthumously: William Donahey and Captain Ray McGrath