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Rick Prusinowski rickprusinowski@aol.com (@rickprusinowski@aol.com)
Date:1/5/2014 1:09:06 PM
Subject:The Great Lakes Pilot
 The stories and articles in your paper are the best and seemingly truest about the great lakes and history in Michigan. I have read your papers from first page to last and have finally gotten around to subscribing. I look forward to the next issue.

Gretchen Christian (55467ffc@opayq.com)
Date:12/13/2013 11:03:34 AM
Subject:Enjoying your paper from afar
 Your paper has so much of interest and fun it's hard to not read. Now I find my eldest brother. a GLP delivery guy, is also a contributor, thanks to the sharing of "The Ballad of the $20 Bear Claws". Glad you are here.

Judy (@halesdean@yahoo.com)
Date:12/7/2013 9:41:13 PM
 Soooo....looking forward to this site and also a subscription to the paper. Thanks for bringing the UP closer to our home when we are not there till summer.

Mr. Kim A. Loncar (kim.loncar@frontier.com)
Date:4/8/2013 9:28:48 PM
Subject:Curious of your newspaper/magazine's history
 I could not tell how long your newspaper/magazine has been in print. It has the feel and tempo etc. of a old-style paper and it grows on all who take the time to read it. Also, have you ever done any stories on the small tug boat wrecks? My grandfather Dan Loncar disappeared on Lake Michigan when his small wooden fishing tug named, "The Pal" blew up 3 May 1947.

Tim Devlin (tim-ldi@adelphia.net)
Date:12/30/2012 12:59:50 PM
Subject:Moving to Michigan
 We are packing up our things here in California and moving to Michigan by April! Nice people, beautiful scenery and lots of shoreline to explore. We bought a place up north and plan to build our own wood boat. Our first order of business will be to subscribe to this great publication so we can start learning the great history of the region.

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